The Shinley Family of Central Arkansas

Ancestor surnames

Shinley  Schindler  Goodrich  Isbell  Goss  Dunn  Herring  Anders  Cupit  Woods  Hutto


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Shinley, Charles Augustus abt. 1841-1889
Schindler, Charles Augustus abt. 1841-1889
Herring, Frank G. abt. 1848-1910
Goodrich, Nancy abt. 1849-1885
Isbell, Marcus L.  1835-1900
Goss, Henrietta 1841-1882
Dunn, Lucy Ella 1870-1946
Anders, Mary M. abt. 1882-
Cupit, William R. 1848-1898
Woods, Jeanette abt. 1829-?
Hutto, Florence abt.1870-?


                         Charles Augustus Schindler  abt. 1841-1889

                                    aka Charles Augustus Shinley


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