The Shinley Family of Central Arkansas


Herring, Frank G. 



Herring, Frank G.
Harring, Frank C.


Born in March of 1848 in Alabama according to the 1900 census record.

His father was born in North Carolina and his mother was born in South Carolina.

In 1900 Frank G. Herring lived in Beat 1, De Soto, Mississippi. He was 52 years of age.

The writing on this census record page is very clear.

He was a farmer and rented his home. He could not read or write and spoke English.

He was married to his, at least, second wife. Her name was Mary. She was born in May 1882 and was 18 years of age.

She and both of her parents were born in Mississippi. She could read and write and spoke English.

They were married in 1899. 

Living with them was Columbus Herring 15 born in Mississippi in March of 1885 and Robert Herring 11 born in Mississippi in September of 1888. Both spoke English but could not read or write. They were both listed as farm labors.                                                  

In 1910, Frank was listed in the census as Frank C. Harring in Gum Pond, Arkansas County, Arkansas.

The image of the census page is blurred but the middle inital looks more like a G as in the 1900 record.

His age is indicated as 60. His birth state is Alabama and both of his parents birth states is North Carolina.

He was living with his son Columbus Harring and his son's wife Dora B.

Columbus 25 was born in Arkansas his father in Alabama and his mother in North Carolina.

Dora  17 was born in Arkansas her father in Mississippi  and her mother I think in Arkansas. (blurred)





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