The Shinley Family of Central Arkansas


Shinley  Schindler , Charles Augustus



Shindler, Charles Augustus
Shindler, August
Shinley, Charles Augustus
Shinley, Chas.


Born in about 1841. Calculated from marriage record.

Was a private in the Union Army enlisting in the 1st District of Columbia Infantry.

Injured at the battle of Bull Run.

Note that a picture of a "James S. Shinley" is displayed at the Arkansas Post Museum below Gillette Ar. He is said to have been from White County-Corporal in Medical Corp, 1st Ark-Regiment. Buried in Massey Cemetery. A search for Massey Cemetery found one in White County and one in Arkansas County just below Tichnor. Upon visiting these cemeteries I(David Shinley) found no matching grave stone in either. However, in the one near Tichnor, Ar. I did find a stone inscribed as follows: CORPL. JA S. SCHINDLER CO.A. IMO. S. M. INF. Arkansas Post Museum personnel could not tell me the origin or any other information about the picture.

In 1998, a tin type picture and negative found in John S. Shinley's trunk at his last known residence was compared to the photograph from Ar. Post and the two men were found to resemble to a high degree.

01.14.00 Arkansas County Courthouse in Dewitt, Ar while doing a general search of probate records (David Shinley) found an entry in Book "H-1" on page 628 as follows:

Dated in the margin of the previous page Nov. 17, 1890.
     N. B. Price Guardians
     Bond Approved.
               Now on this day was presented to the court the Bond of N. B. Price as Guardian of Ida, Ada, and John Schindler heirs of Charles Schindler deceased which bond is in the sum of Five Hundred Dollars and conditioned according to law with B. N. Ward as security thereon, And it appearing to the court that said bond is sufficient the same is hereby approved and the action of the Clerk hereof in vacation in approving said bond and issuing said letters be the same is in all things approved.

With four first names matching, the time frame and location reasonable, and with the prior strong suggestion that "Schindler" was the real name of the "Shinley" in the Ar. Post photograph; I(David Shinley) am convinced that "Charles Augustus Shinley" and the "Charles Schindler" referenced above are the same person.
Also found on 01.14.00 was a marriage record dated Feb. 14 1873 where August Schindler of Ar. Co. aged 32 years married Nancy D. Goodrich of Ar. Co. aged 24 years. This is in Book C on page 341. H. M. Schaad, J.P. performed the wedding. filed for record August 6th of 1873 and recorded August 16th of 1873.

While August Schindler has not as of 01.14.00 been shown to be Charles Augustus Schindler, It is my assumption that they are the same person and I will continue my research looking for that proof.

02.17.00 I spent the day researching through Personal Property assessment and payment books at the Arkansas County Southern District Courthouse in DeWitt, AR. The following is a summary of my findings.:

1874    Keaton Twp.       Chas. Shindler (no values or payments)
                                       Doyle Goodrich
                                       George Goodrich
                                       Clabe Goodrich
            Crockett Twp.     C. C. Goodrich

1876    Keaton Twp.      Chas. Shindler (no values or payments)
                                       N. B. Price    8,930
1877    Keaton Twp.      Chas. Shindler (no values or payments)
                                      N. B. Price    7,020
1878    Keaton Twp.      N. B. Price  10,870
1879    Keaton Twp.      N. B. Price    9,750
1881    Keaton Twp.      N. B. Price  10,120
                                      Clabe Goodrich
1883    Keaton Twp.      N. B. Price  17,930
1885    Keaton Twp.      N. B. Price  11,400
                                      August Schindler
           Old River Twp    J.W. Shenley
1886    Keaton Twp.      N. B. Price  16,700
1889    Keaton Twp.      N. B. Price  11,580
1889    Keaton Twp.      N. B. Price  21,840
                                      Charley Schindler (no values or payments)
1890    Keaton Twp.      N. B. Price  14,550
1900    McFall's Twp.    G. C. Schindler (Paid but no values shown)
                                      N. B. Price & Son 14,420
           Chester Twp.      James Schindler  60 Paid

1880 Federal Census
North Fork, Pope, Arkansas

C. Shinley             Age: 45 Birth Year: abt 1835                                                    *The age here is what was data entered from the census,
                             Father's birthplace: Germany Mother's birthplace: Germany       however the scanned image was not clear enough to confirm.
                             Married White Male Birthplace: Germany                                 This age does not match with the age at time of marriage.

Goodridge Shinley Age: 32 Birth Year: abt 1848
                             Father's birthplace: Germany Mother's birthplace: Mississippi 
                             Married White Female Birthplace: Mississippi

Idir Shinley           Age: 1M Birth Year: abt 1880                                                   * Family records indicate that Ada and Ida were twins born
                            Single White Female Birthplace: Arkansas                                  on 1 Mar., 1880.

Ader Shinley        Age: 1M Birth Year: abt 1880
                           Single White Female Birthplace: Arkansas

In Probate records:
1904 N. B. Price died
1905 N. B. Price Probate completed. Book "I" Page 367.

August Shindler died 7 Oct. 1889 in Donaldsonville, LA. according to Civil War Pension records.



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